What we do for you

  1. Your current environment

    Is slow, labour intensive and costly.

  2. Your target state

    Is the goal. But the benefits are a long way off.

  3. Fulcrum enables execution now

    Alongside your existing infrastructure.

  4. Rapid commercial results and in-year payback. Faster, better, cheaper.

The problem we solve

1-CEO-diagram_mob_2CURRENT ENVIRONMENTData sitting in legacy systems, disparate platforms and apps. Significant effort and manual intervention required to get data out, build single view and make data actionable. Slow, expensive and not scalable for customer experience transformation.CUSTOMERINTERNAL EFFORTCURRENT SYSTEMSCHANNELS
2-CEO-diagram_mob_4Roadmap and prioritisation for enterprise wide transformation typically pushes customer experience transformation out by 2-3 years. This causes immediate challenges to deliver real-time customer engagement and personalisation to drive commercial and customer objectives.TARGET STATE (2 -5 years away) 20172018202020192021 projected CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE components underwayENTERPRISETRANSFORMATIONROADMAPCUSTOMERCLOSED LOOP CUSTOMER SERVICE & FULFILMENT
3-CEO-diagram_mob_4FULCRUM ENABLES EXECUTION (Now)Fulcrum enables immediate customer experience execution within your current environment. Automated and real-time data ingestion, single view and continuous delivery of personalised customer engagement across all channels. Integrates with data management and delivery platforms. eg: Adobe, Salesforce, etc. CUSTOMERFULCRUMCLOSED LOOP CUSTOMER SERVICE & FULFILMENT
4-CEO-diagram_mob_2TARGET MET WITH CURRENT TECHLight touch integration, proven technology and a smarter way of working enables Fulcrum to be up and running within your current environment within 3 months, without distracting your technology teams from delivering on enterprise wide priorities. Working on your immediate customer experience and commercial pain points Fulcrum delivers proven rapid results, delivering significant in-year benefit - pay back on investment by month 4 and 5 x ROI in the first 6 months.20172018202020192021ENTERPRISETRANSFORMATIONROADMAPCUSTOMER EXPERIENCETRANSFORMATION STARTSIMMEDIATEY
  • Access data previously stuck in legacy systems
  • Create a single view of your customers
  • Help your organisation move faster
  • See returns within 6 months

Fulcrum stories prove it:

“I knew we needed to implement new strategies to drive the business in the face of technological change. Both for our customers and ourselves.

We needed quick wins that were aligned to our strategy and showed clear progress. We definitely didn’t need more tech for tech’s sake.

Fulcrum revolutionised how we saw our digital future and gave us the best steps for getting there.”

“Better, faster and cheaper is possible... it just requires very different thinking“

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