Our technology plays nicely with yours

  1. Built to work with yours

    Easy integration managed as a service. No heavyweight change programmes or capital expenditure.

  2. State of the Art

    The very best parallel decisioning, machine learning and data science technology available today.

  3. Scalability

    Delivers unconstrained capability. Iterative and incremental, expand and flex as you need.

  4. Rapid value creation. Up and running in 90 days, 5x ROI in 6 months.

Here's how we do it

  • Fulcrum works with your legacy systems and data landscape
  • It only uses the data needed to meet commercial outcomes
  • Then it finds, consumes, decisions and delivers the right data to your channels…
  • Which reduces the complexity and load on your delivery systems

Fulcrum stories prove it:

“I needed to know that any new approach we used would work with what we already had and our enterprise architecture.

Fulcrum was able to implement only the component pieces that we didn’t have to enable us to move at the speed we needed and while still executing our technology roadmap.

This was exactly what we needed to unlock the power of our existing data.”

  • Deployed alongside, not within
  • Technology becomes an enabler, not a barrier
  • Supports your enterprise architecture
  • Get more IT power without staffing up

“We realised that we had coded our decision logic (our core IP) into our fragmented delivery systems and invested in integration between systems that we didn't need to. This had completely bound us up. Changing this approach changed everything.“

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