Unlock the biggest untapped asset your business has.

Our technology enables you to unlock the value from your data to drive rapid commercial outcomes and deeper customer engagement.

The Fulcrum Hub is designed to leverage your existing infrastructure to accelerate your customer experience transformation.

  • Up and running
    within 3 months
  • Accelerates execution of commercial and customer objectives
  • Trusted partner to large enterprises across numerous sectors and countries
  • Proven rapid results, fast payback on investment and scalable

What we do

Fulcrum enables data sitting in legacy systems, platforms and apps to drive action in an automated, continuous and real-time way to improve customer experience and deliver fast business results.

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Our approach

We customise the Fulcrum Hub to tackle your customer pain points and deploy within 3 months, driving measurable value and 5 x ROI within the first 6 months. Then we scale organisation-wide without exponential build costs.

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Our technology

Fulcrum tech sits alongside and powers your existing infrastructure, requiring only light-touch integration. It removes timely and costly manual effort, delivering an immediate solution at a discretionary cost without competing with capital expenditure priorities.

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